• Beaded Royal Indian Necklace
  • Beaded Royal Indian Necklace

Beaded Royal Indian Necklace

Color: Blue
Giving a strong vibe of India in cluster of aftican jade tumbles with 18 carat gold painting on them. sleek natural borac pearls create a harmony along the intricate motifs and pearl. With royal blue radiant like the glow of sunset,carnelian clusters in an opulent strand. This elegant necklace with two ornate silver globes in the middle creates a magnificent design. Teardrops of labradorite cluster in the center of a sumptuous necklace with rainbow moonstone globes clasped in between. The clasped rainbow moonstone globes amid sterling silver complement each other to create a magnificent design. A small silver ornate medallion provides an attractive contrast to the rainbow moonstone and labradorite gem stones that closes with a sterling silver hook clasp.
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