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Ripochia Design House: For One-of-a-kind Clothes, Jewelry, Cushion Covers and Clutches

It’s okay to be a little obsessed with intricate jewelry or chic clutches or elegant looking cushion covers and most definitely fashionable clothes! After all, who doesn’t like to see extensions of themselves in their wardrobe and glimpse of it in their home? But wait! We haven’t come to the best part yet. That is you can have all of this and more at Ripochia Design House, your one-stop shop for all of these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Inspired by trendy design concepts and staying true to your personality and its various shades, the collections available here are bound to leave you amazed and spellbound. It truly is the epitome of the modern-day, confident woman.

Jewelry first everything else second

Going out for a girl’s night out? Or maybe you need the perfect set for a grand occasion? You don’t have to fret about finding the pieces that truly suit you when you can find exquisite craftsmanship in the form of bold and delicate jewelry designs with Ripochia Design House that comply with the moods and styles of every woman looking to stun. After all, the saying is true; you never really know a woman until you’ve seen her jewelry!

Home is where the cushion is

Your home is an extension of you, so naturally you want to see glimpses of you wherever you look, even if this happens to be in your cushion covers. Having said that, finding the right cushion covers are more important than you think. After all, the devil (or God whichever you prefer) lies in the detail. At Ripochia Design House, you find the best patterns in the trendiest fabric that is sure to make your sofas, beds or couches a thing to be admired instead of being sat on.

Your ensemble isn’t complete without a clutch

Gone are the days when women held on to flowers, now they prefer to clutch on to their clutches. After all, it is the only way you can have everything right within your grasp and even look well put together while doing so. At Ripochia Design House, you find clutches of all shapes, sizes, and colors so that no matter what the occasion, you have a clutch ready to go with it.

Dress like it is the last day of your life

Not to sound dramatic or melancholic but life’s too short to not look your fabulous best always. At Ripochia Design House, you will look nothing but this when you check out the trendy and tasteful lineup of clothes and ensembles to blend in with every occasion and event. Whether traditionally ethnic or modern, don’t worry, we have your back at all times.

Head to us and check out our various selections. You’ll be glad you did.


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